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Hi there!

     I’m Sarah. I’m a wife and mom of three kids, ages 6, 4, and 2. My education is in child development and psychology, but I also love singing, playing my piano and guitar, and writing. I’m a California girl transplanted to the deep south via Hurricane Katrina, where I met my husband volunteering with my church after the storm. Getting to know my husband in the context of full time volunteer service was nothing short of amazing and the best surprise I could ever have imagined.  We both miss those magical days when daily provisions literally seemed to fall from heaven and we knew, without a doubt,  we were making a real difference in people’s lives every day.

Twelve years later, we are still in the deep south, still crazy about each other, and still passionate about serving our community but our day-to-day lives are now dictated by sleep-deprivation and the endless demands of kids and bills. Nevertheless, we still  find our joy and purpose in finding ways, albeit less dramatic, to love on, serve, and encourage those around us. I hope that this blog, in some small way, can do the same for its readers.  If you are expecting, I hope this blog will dispel fear, empower you with knowledge and grow your excitement for the amazing experiences of pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding! If you are a mom of littles, trying to survive day to day life in the trenches like me, I hope it brings you a laugh or a smile to break up the mundane repetition. If you are also raising kids with food allergies, may it give us all hope that the “new normal” will get easier and will you please, for the love of God, share some new ideas with me because I’m so tired of making 42 different meals a day! And if you are a mom newly navigating the deceptively limiting term “disability” I pray this blog will help you defy your label and obliterate your obstacles. Moms like us will always find a way to get things done, and I’d love to hear your story too!